Actions to engage communities in global health

These political and social movements and actions include health forums and platforms and corporate social responsibility.

Whether or not people and organizations take up such opportunities and express their concerns, or take action to support global health, depends on the extent of awareness of and concern for these issues and this, in turn, depends on how well the issues are explained and information disseminated, and the openness of the process. This is no small obstacle, for the issues of global health are complex and multifaceted, and the mechanisms for engagement are labyrinthine. Indeed, a principal reason for the creation of Global Health Europe and this glossary is to provide a guide to the values, institutions, commitments and actions so that people across Europe may more readily engage with global health issues.

Health Forums and Platforms:

Serve as information exchange and consultation mechanisms to ensure that Community health strategy and actions are clear to professionals and the public and are informed by experts and opinions leaders. The forums and platforms include: Global Policy Networks, EU Health Forum, the EC Platform on diet, physical activity and health, the European Alcohol and Health Forum. These and other mechanisms may be used to engage academic, business and civil society (ABC) actors through the Open Method of Coordination.

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