Action and research on European commitments to global health

This section of the glossary has outlined the commitments of the European Union to aspects of global health. These show how widely these complex issues are taken up across a broad range of EU's policy commitments. What is less clear is how such commitments will be delivered in practice. It appears that while there are many ways of making commitments there are few mechanisms for following through and monitoring action. Thus we suggest that it is crucial to undertake research and monitoring the Global Health Initiatives of the EU Presidencies and other forms of commitment of the last five years in order to identify, the actions that have resulted and their outcomes. This should help establish a more widely applicable tool for monitoring and benchmarking the results of such commitments.

In the course of this research a survey will be undertaken of actions or research that demonstrate the impact of such commitments. We would be grateful to receive notes of any such research already undertaken or currently in hand.

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