Action for Global Health launches an online guide to global health in the EU

14 December 2010

Action for Global Health is a European network of NGOs advocating for Europe to play a more proactive role in enabling developing countries to meet the Health Millennium Development Goals by 2015. The online guide is an in-depth tool for anyone who wants to know more about EU's global health policies, actors and opportunities to influence the EU institutions. The idea behind the guide is to overcome the fact that EU decisions are often rather opaque to NGOs and advocates outside Brussels.

The guide provides a description of who is who in the EU processes, the opportunities to influence policy making, what policy processes are currently active, as well as a resource library of key documents and a page of useful links. It will be updated regularly.

By visiting the online guide, interested advocates can find information about ongoing policy processes, such as the implementation of the EU Global Health Strategy, the implementation of the pledges made at the UN MDG Summit, the public consultation on EU budget support and the renewal of the European Development Consensus.

This guide is also part of a series of actions that Action for Global Health is taking to encourage cross-European collaboration. In addition to being online, the guide will be translated into 14 European languages. The translated versions can be downloaded from the website in the coming weeks.

The guide can be viewed online at

It is also available as a PDF:




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