Georgetown University Law Center announces global health law LL.M fellowship

12 November 2010

Georgetown University Law Center is pleased to announce that it is now accepting applications for its Global Health Law Fellowship, which covers full or partial tuition for the Global Health Law LL.M. Program or its new Global Health Law and International Institutions Program, jointly offered with the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) in Geneva, Switzerland.

These innovative, intensive courses of study are open to highly qualified candidates in public and private sectors with an LL.B., J.D. or other first law degree and strong interest or background in global health law and policy. Georgetown University Law Center offers graduate students a unique opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills through focused studies in courses on global health, public health, environmental health, health and human rights, bioethics, food and drug law, biotechnology, and intellectual property. The O'Neill Institute, housed at Georgetown, supports world-class research and scholarship that is applied to urgent health problems, using a complex, comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and transnational approach to extend beyond a narrow vision of health law that focuses solely on health care as an industry or as a scientific endeavor.

The Global Health Law and International Institutions LL.M. program brings together two institutions at the cutting edge of global health law and diplomacy. At the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) in Geneva, Switzerland, students in the jointly offered program will take courses in global health law and diplomacy, international law, humanitarian law, international trade law, international environmental law, international affairs, and international development studies. IHEID is widely regarded as one of the best international law and relations institutes in Europe and through its Global Health Programme, the Graduate Institute plays an important role in shaping the emerging field of interface between foreign policy, economics, development and health. The GHP has focused particularly on the characteristics and mechanisms that define successful global health governance at the beginning of the 21st century and on the shifting power balances in global health, such as the increasing influence of emerging economies and the powerful role played by new foundations, the private sector, and nongovernmental organizations.

Students in the Global Health Law LL.M. program will study at Georgetown for one year on a full-time basis or for up to three years on a part-time basis. In addition to benefiting from stellar faculty and diverse array of courses in health law and related fields, students will also have the opportunity to gain experience in externships at placements in the Washington, D.C. area with organizations like the Center for Strategic International Studies and the National Institutes of Health. Students in the Global Health Law and International Institutions LL.M. Program will begin their course of study at Georgetown with either one full-time semester or up to three part-time semesters and will complete the program with a full-time spring semester at IHEID. Between their coursework at Georgetown and their studies at IHEID, most students will participate in winter internships at international institutions in Geneva, such as the World Health Organization, UNAIDS, and the World Trade Organization.

For more information about the Global Health Law program, please visit For more information about the Global Health Law and International Institutions program, please visit Information about the global health law fellowship for full or partial tuition waivers can be found at The online application for both programs can be found at

Please feel free to contact Georgetown's Global Health Law Program Director, Tanya Baytor at teb3[at] with any questions.



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