President Obama issues first-ever US development policy

obama_un-590x38727 September 2010

Last week President Obama addressed the UN General Assembly and announced the first-ever US Development policy. Global health features prominently in the policy alongside issues such as food security and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

According to a USAID factsheet, "working in more than 85 countries, USAID's contributions to President Obama's Global Health Initiative build on an impressive record of dramatic improvements in health over the last 50 years. The Agency currently deploys more global health professionals and technical experts than any development agency in the world. With a focus on women, girls, and gender equality, USAID supports sustainable community based health systems that are appropriately staffed and stocked to deliver a broader set of health services to more patients. USAID is applying its core technical and in-country strengths to help partner countries integrate service delivery platforms and design evidence based interventions that get the maximum impact for every dollar spent in health."

Dr. Rajiv Shah, administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development, issued the following statement on the President's ground-breaking policy on global development:

"From President John F. Kennedy to President Barack Obama, the United States has a rich history of providing assistance that improves the lives of men, women and children around the globe. Today President Obama issued the first-ever development policy by a U.S. President. In partnership with the host countries where we work, USAID is pleased to play a leading role in the implementation of President Obama's vision for global development. From building sustainable capacity to restoring performance monitoring and impact evaluation to promoting science, technology and innovation, we are transforming our capabilities to support the President's new development policy. USAID is poised and ready to reclaim our place as the world's premiere development agency."

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