Pakistan health threats mount as floods recede

30 August 2010

Millions of children face acute health threats from contaminated water, 38,000 cases of acute diarrhoea amongst children have been reported so far and one death from cholera.

It is feared that there will be far worse to come, yet donations are slow to flow to these poor people whose lives have been destroyed by the climate changing profligacy of the West. The exact extent of pledges and aid is still unclear various reports suggest the US will donate between $100 -$150 million while reports from the EU suggest that in addition to € 70 million from the EU Commission European Member States will provide a further €130 million. But this is far less than was contributed in response to the Tsunami appeal which raised more than ten times this level of aid. It is interesting to note that USAID is raising online and telephone donations from members of the public to boost its aid. While EU Member State contributions vary greatly between donor countries.

The USAID donation system is at
While details of EU and Member State contributions can be found at




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