Eurohealth explores health of migrants in the EU


16 August 2010

The latest edition of the LSE magazine looks at how European health systems are addressing a vulnerable and dynamic population.

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1 Migrant health policy: The Portuguese and Spanish EU Presidencies
María-José Peiro and Roumyana Benedict
5 What can be done in EU Member States to better protect the health of migrants?
Paola Pace
10 Migration: A social determinant of migrants' health
Anita A. Davies, Anna Basten and Chiara Frattini
13 Access to health care for undocumented migrants in the EU: A first landscape of Now Hereland
Ursula Karl-Trummer, Sonja Novak-Zezula and Birgit Metzler
17 Better health for all in Europe: Developing a migrant sensitive health workforce
María-Teresa Gijón-Sánchez, Sandra Pinzón-Pulido, Riitta-Liisa Kolehmainen-Aitken et al
20 Health and well-being among child immigrants in Europe
Michal Molcho, Francesca Cristini, Saoirse Nic Gabhainn et al
24 New citizens, new challenges for the Spanish National Health System
Cristina Hernández Quevedo and Dolores Jiménez Rubio
26 Mapping EC-funded initiatives on health and migration in Europe
Mariya Samuilova, María-José Peiro and Roumyana Benedict

29 Towards equity in health: Migrant health policies in Spain
Begoña Merino, Karoline Fernández de la Hoz and Pilar Campos

30 Approaches to migrant health in Portugal
Maria do Céu Machado, Filipa Pereira and Silvia Machaqueiro


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