EU launches consultation on future trade policy

8 June 2010

Following the 'Europe 2020' paper adopted by the European Commission on 3 March 2010, the European Commission is now launching a broad public consultation on the future direction of EU trade policy.

The Commission's intention is to set out its policy during autumn 2010, explaining how trade policy can help achieve the objectives of the 'Europe 2020' Strategy. The purpose of this consultation is to gather views from relevant stakeholders regarding the rationale, scope and strategic objectives for a future EU trade policy. The consultation is open to all stakeholders within the EU and in third countries. The Commission services will prepare a report on the Consultation which will be published on DG TRADE's website.

 The consultation is open for contributions until 28 July 2010, and it is based on an issues paper available here (PDF) or on the Commissions website where you will also find the official consultation questionnaire:



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