EU Health Director General highlights commitment to global health

03 June 2010

In her debut editorial for the European Commission's Health-EU Newsletter, Director General for Public Health and Consumers Paola Testori Coggi highlights the importance of addressing health globally.

In the widely circulated bi-monthly newsletter from DG SANCO, Coggi writes that her priority is to protect and imporve the health of people living in the EU, but that this doesn't mean her concerns can be limited to the EU alone. "Promoting EU values and the EU model implies that we have a fundamental role in helping improve the health of all people, wherever they live" writes Coggi, "More pragmatically, many health risks - climate change, pandemic influenza or tobacco to name a few - can only be effectively managed through global action."

The European Commission is planning a major global health event to take place in Brussels on 10-11 June. Coggi hopes this will be a platform for "forging stronger partnerships with non-EU countries and international organizations, using funding for development cooperation and research, and examining how other EU policies such as trade can help contribute to health-related goals."

Coggi also informs newsletter readers that EU Health and Consumers Commissioner John Dalli and other representative form DG SANCO will be visiting Shanghai this month where they will discuss health issues with the Chinese authorities who will also be represented at the upcoming global health meeting in Brussels. 

Members of the Global Health Europe Task Force will participate on panels at the upcoming Brussels global health event. We will also be posting articles here reporting on the discussions as they unfold.


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