UK NHS goes global

The UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, Secretary of State for Health Andy Burnham and Lord Mandelson announced the launch of NHS Global as a vehicle to support the NHS in promoting its services across world markets, together with a "Framework for NHS Involvement in International Development" and a new "UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation", which will be a partnership with Cancer Research UK, the Wellcome Trust, UCL and the Medical Research Council (MRC) working closely with the NHS and will also address global health challenges

The "Framework for NHS Involvement in International Development" provides further encouragement for joint working between the UK NHS and partners in resource poor countries, it sets out the positive advantages for the NHS as well as partner institutions and provides better support both for volunteers and for organisations wishing to contribute to international development. It also makes it clear that in all such arrangements the needs of the partner country are paramount and that programmes should be jointly managed to ensure they meet local needs. The Framework document is also useful because it provides links to other UK policies and guidelines in this field.



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