Europe 2020: Commission proposes new economic strategy in Europe

On 3 March the European Commission launched the Europe 2020 Strategy to prepare EU economy for the next decade, identifying three key drivers for growth, to be implemented through concrete actions at EU and national levels: smart growth (fostering knowledge, innovation, education and digital society), sustainable growth (making our production more resource efficient while boosting our competitiveness) and inclusive growth (raising participation in the labour market, the acquisition of skills and the fight against poverty). This battle for growth and jobs requires ownership at top political level and mobilisation from all actors across Europe. Five targets are set which define where the EU should be by 2020 and against which progress can be tracked.

Health figures into this strategy as addressing issues related to health care system sustainability and health inequality will impact economic growth in Europe. Health is also mentioned as a focus for European Research (health and ageing), as a focus for new online services and sustainable health systems as essential for growth.  Global Health Europe was one of over 800 organizations to contribute to the European Commission's open consultation on the EU 2020 strategy. Follow the below links to access the Commission's proposal and stakeholder contributions.




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