Time to untie the knots: the WHO reform and the need of democratizing global health

17 May 2011

Statement coordinated by Medico International

The People's Health Movement reports: "Health is a common good that demands collective responsibility. Instead, structural violations of the right to health are produced by the dominant market dynamics and the uncontrolled influence of profit-driven transnational corporations, supported by the policies of international financial and trade institutions - the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization.

Such violations are often unmonitored, unmeasured, and are too numerous to quantify. As they form part of a process of systematic violations of other rights - to gender equality, to water and food, to work and income, to housing and education - any commitment for the right to health cannot be conceived in isolation from a broader approach of universal social protection as a key policy to human development."

View the Delhi Statement: "Time to Untie the Knots: the WHO Reform and the Need for Democratizing Global Health" by following this link to the People's Health Movement web site: http://www.phmovement.org/sites/www.phmovement.org/




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