David Heymann on Global Health Security Centre

At a meeting in London on 12 November David Heymann, the Head of the Centre introduced the main themes of the work of the Chatham House Centre on Global Health Security.

Their focus is on policies and mechanisms to support global health security - both those concerned with individual health security such as access to essential medicines and population health protection measures, such as response to pandemic influenza. They aim to research strengths and weaknesses of policies and mechanisms, review and communicate possible solutions and monitor actions and outcomes. It was interesting to note that in the examples given by David Heymann in respect of counterfeit artemisinin for malaria treatment in South East Asia, the difficulty of ensuring virus sharing and fair access to vaccines in respect of the H5N1 strain of influenza found in Indonesia and the security of health workers in Afghanistan, the fundamental obstacle to action could be seen as the difficulty of interpreting and applying international laws, agreements and understanding. In all cases this required reconsideration of aspects of global governance and diplomacy for health. As they are in some sense one of our sister organisations, being funded by the UK Department of Health, we look forward to working closely with them on these aspects of their work.

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