New report on the state of women's and children's health: "Eliminating Health Inequities: Every Woman and Every Child Counts"

A new report, published jointly by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH), stresses the disproportionate impact of global health inequalities on women and children. Highlighting the ways in which social inequities compound biological differences and thereby exacerbate vulnerabilities, the report advocates a holistic, human-rights based approach towards the achievement of greater health equality. Illustrated by success stories from several countries around the word, three issue areas, namely access to quality care and health information, and greater gender equality, are identified as the starting points for concrete recommendations on political and social action.

The full report is available here.


WHO creates Action:SDH to foster discussion on the social determinants of health

Following the recent World Conference on Social Determinants of Health in Rio, WHO has created a virtual discussion platform aiming to sustain and reinforce discussion and debate regarding action on the social determinants of health. Supported by strong information content developed in collaboration with key WHO partners, the new platform is intended to serve as a clearing house for members from across government and society to share experiences and views.

Democratising Global Health Coalition

Letter on the World Health Organisation reform sent to Geneva Missions of Member States of the WHO by Democratising Global Health Coalition.



Letter from Medicus Mundi on behalf of Democratising Global Health Coalition

This letter has been written from Medicus Mundi on behalf of the Democratising Global Health Coalition regarding the WHO reform: letter (pdf).


Political declaration of the High-level Meeting of the General Assembly on the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases

Follow up to the outcome of the Millennium Summit: At the 66th session, the UN General Assembly adopted the Political Declaration of the High-level Meeting of the General Assembly on the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases annexed to the present resolution. See:

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