This glossary provides a guide to global health issues from a European perspective, providing introductory articles on each topic and links to the organizations and sources most closely involved in each field. The Glossary is an updated and expanded edition of European Perspectives on Global Health-a policy glossary (Kickbusch and Lister, 2006). It is a living resource that is intended to grow to reflect the comments and engagement of participants in Global Health Europe.

If your perspective is not yet reflected in the glossary, you are welcome to add comments and links so that we can understand each other better and improve how we work together.

Below you'll find an alphabetic list of topics covered in the glossary. The articles are organized into four main sections dealing with:

  1. the values that underlie our European approach to global health
  2. the key issues and actors involved in global governance for health
  3. European commitments to global health
  4. European actions and action for global health

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Academic and Professional Networks

Action and Research on European Commitments to Global Health

Action and Research on European Values for Global Health

Action and Research on Global Governance for Health and European Institutions

Actions to Engage Communities in Global Health

Agencies of the European Union

Business Actors and Global Health

Civil Society and Global Health

Common Foreign and Security Policy

Consumer Protection and Global Health

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Council of Europe and The European Court of Human Rights

Council of Ministers (Council of the European Union)

Development Cooperation and Global Health

Europe, Gender Sensitivity and Global Health

Europe's Role in Global Health Governance

European Action in Global Health Partnerships

The European Approach to Health and the Environment

The European Approach to the Global Environment

European Broad Based Inter Governmental Institutions

European Civil Society and Global Health Networks

European Climate Change Policy and Health

European Commission

The European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and Health

European Communicable Disease Surveillance Networks

European Council (European Summit)

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC or ECOSOC)

European External Action Service

European Global Health Institutions

European Health Values

European Parliament

European Priorities for Global Health Action

The European Union's Health Strategy

European Union member state permanent representations (Brussels)

Faith-based charities


The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Global community organizations

Global Governance

Global Health

Global Health Diplomacy

Global Health Governance

Global Health Institutions

Global Health Policy Tools

Global Public Goods

Global Public-Private Partnerships (GPPPs, PPPs)


Globalisation, Health and Development

Governance for Health


Health and Humanitarian Crisis Management

Health Governance & Governance for Health

Health in All Policies (HiAP)

Health in All Policies as a European Value

Health NGOs

High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

Human Resources for Health

Human Security and Europe

Illicit Drugs Policy and Global Health

Inequity and Inequality in Health

Institutions of the European Union

International Agreements, Laws and Regulations

International Health Partnership and Related Initiatives (IHP+)

International Monetary Fund



Least Developed Countries and Global Health


Nation States as Global Health Actors

New Funding Tools

Organizations for cooperation between countries

Open Method of Coordination

President of the European Council


Rotating Presidency of the European Council


Shaping the European Approach to Global Health

Social Determinants of Health

Summary of a European Approach to Global Health


Trade Policy and Health

Treaty of Lisbon



United Nations Organizations


World Bank

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe

World Trade Organization (WTO)




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