Provide a Platform
Building consensus requires deliberations, networking, knowledge sharing. Participant driven, Global Health Europe is a network between networks-linking diverse European global health actors as well as enabling actors from other regions to engage in constructive debate with European counterparts.

Contribute to Setting Agendas
Effective and legitimate governance requires evidence based policies and not policy-based evidence. Global Health Europe encourages better global health policy making by promoting consideration and analysis of existing data. Through publications and dialogue Global Health Europe supports the development of blueprints for a long-term European Global Health Strategy reflecting European health values-universality, access to good-quality care, equity and solidarity-and providing direction for good health governance and increasing policy coherence among European countries.

Disseminate Information, Provide Analysis and Evidence
through our website as a repository for knowledge management on global health policy developments from a European perspective. Global Health Europe provides timely policy briefs, analysis and commentary that support coherence in European global health policy making and highlight the synergy of European policies for global health benefits, especially in relation to the social and economic determinants of health.

Build Capacity
through workshops and products that foster a more complete understanding of global health and the European perspective, and in particular develop skills for global health diplomacy. Reaching out to policy developments in other regions of the world, these activities will develop a ‘global' dimension to European debates on health.

for the inclusion of health considerations in European foreign policy and development initiatives, for fair and efficient international agreements, institutions and instruments for the governance of global health, and for European long-term strategic investment in the health of the poorest by, among others, engaging national parliamentarians, members of the European Parliament and the European presidencies in global health.

with organisations with similar goals at national, European, and global levels, building on the synergies and knowledge of the different partner networks and organizations by establishing a network of European global health and foreign policy actors.


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