• The Living European Global Health Policy Glossary
This glossary provides a guide to global health issues from a European perspective, providing introductory articles on each topic and links to the organisations and sources most closely involved in each field. It is a work in progress that is intended to grow to reflect the comments and engagement of participants in Global Health Europe. If your organisation or your perspective is not yet reflected in the glossary you are invited to add comments and links so that we can understand each other better and improve how we work together. 
  • Event Organiser
Global Health Europe is a platform for dialogue, both virtual and actual. Working with partner organisations around the globe we create highly relevant events bringing stakeholders together to give input into the development of new governance for global health.
  • Open Think Tank
You are globalhealtheurope.org. All registered members are invited to submit articles to our Open Think Tank. Publish and share your views on current issues relevant to the wider global health governance community as Your Opinion, and post your best papers or studies in Your Research.

If you are not yet a member of globalhealtheurope.org, tap into the our expanding network now. Registration is free and only takes a minute. If you need any assistance contact us. We are here to help. If you are registered and logged-in, then just click on "submit an article" to post your contribution on globalhealtheurope.org

  • Forums for Debate and Dialogue

Through our website Global Health Europe provides a platform for ongoing discussions in a familiar online forum format.  Registered users can post questions and start discussion streams on topics most relevent to them. The Platform section of the website can also be used to share working documents and garner input from the our community. In addition, Global Health Europe organises live forum discussions around publications and in follow-up to events.

  • The Community
A network between networks, through our community section Global Health Europe will be able to map Europe's expertise in global health governance and improve exchange between sectors, academic disciplines and policy fields. Registered members will be able to search the community profiles and contact individuals for collaboration.

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